Video Game Request to Use Your Song

By Jeff Brabec and Todd Brabec

If you’re a songwriter or writer/artist, it is essential that you know the type of email that you will receive from a music supervisor or licensing clearance person from a video game that is considering using your song.  These issues also apply to master recording owners if a pre-existing master recording is being licensed.

The request will include:

  • Identity of production company
  • Identity of the video game
  • Synopsis of the video game
  • Identity of composition
  • Use of the composition in the scene or scenes (visual vocal, background vocal, instrumental, theme, etc.)
  • Duration of the use (up to full usage, multiple uses, etc.)
  • Territory (world or universe)
  • Term (life of copyright, 7 years, 10 years, etc.)
  • Effective date of term (many times with a tentative date)
  • Rights requested (all gaming platforms, operating systems, devices or methods of distribution with options to edit, cut, loop or otherwise excerpt portions of the composition as required for gameplay features, downloadable content, etc.)
  • One-time fee ($500, $5,000, $12,000, $25,000, etc.)
  • Royalty based games (music and dance centric games) 1¢, 2¢, 3¢, etc. per unit
  • Advance where applicable (on 500,000 units, 1,000,000 units, etc.)

© 2018 Jeff Brabec, Todd Brabec

Todd and Jeff are the authors of the book Music Money And Success (7th Edition)