“The Writing on the Wall: Lessons, Takeaways & Opportunities from the Hollywood Strikes”

    • January 9, 2024
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    “The Writing on the Wall: Lessons, Takeaways & Opportunities from the Hollywood Strikes”

    In May and throughout the summer, WGA and SAG-AFTRA initiated strikes to assert demands for what they deemed as fair compensation for their labor. Following their actions, the American film and TV industry experienced a significant slowdown, adversely impacting sync licensing. This disruption, in turn, has had a notable ripple effect on music industry workers, recording artists, and songwriters, especially during a period where they already face substantial challenges within their own domain. The complexities of copyright regulations and limitations on unionization within the music industry have made it difficult for individuals to stay well-informed, connected, and empowered within this vast community. Given these circumstances, it becomes crucial to explore viable steps that can be taken to preserve the value of music in an era increasingly defined by digitization and automation. Music workers must strategize on effective engagement with stakeholders, gathering accurate information, advocating for their interests, and ensuring their voices are not overshadowed. Through conversations with industry experts, advocates, and legal professionals, we aim to understand the valuable insights and lessons that can be gleaned from Hollywood’s labor actions. Moreover, we intend to discuss strategies that can help music workers recover from the financial losses resulting from these disruptions and explore potential pathways that hold promise for the future of the music industry.



    Kristina Guerra Benson | Founder, Sweet On Top, LLC

    Josh Briggs | General Manager & Head Of Publishing, Terrorbird Media & Publishing


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    Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

    2:30pm – 4:00pm PST | Zoom Webinar Broadcast


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    Kristina Guerra Benson | Founder, Sweet On Top, LLC

    Kristina began her career with a degree in opera from University of California at Irvine and took piano lessons in her spare time under Miles Davis’s sideman Kei Akagi. After stints as a promoter and DJ, she segued into a role as a branding specialist for DoStuffMedia, where she spearheaded engagement initiatives for brands such as Goose Island, Grey Goose and Pabst Blue Ribbon, working closely with local influencers to produce interactive brand experiences. She went from there to acting as Music Director for Lip Sync, and after many successful placements and two wonderful years at Lip Sync, she decided the time had come to start her own agency. In the short time since it has opened its doors, Sweet On Top has landed placements with high-quality brands such as Apple, Michael Kors, Macy’s, Vogue and St. Regis, promotions for the Olympics and “Songland”; and in television shows including “Station 19,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “All Rise,” “Firefly Lane,” “High Fidelity,” “Ray Donovan” and “The Blacklist.” Additionally, her writers have secured cuts with Dim Mak and Warner Records’ artists. Kristina also worked closely with the Guild of Music Supervisors’ education committee and is a member of the California Copyright Conference and the Association of Independent Music Publishers.

    Josh Briggs | General Manager & Head Of Publishing, Terrorbird Media & Publishing

    Josh Briggs is the General Manager and Head of Publishing for Terrorbird Media & Terrorbird Publishing in Los Angeles, California. Spending six years as Director of Pop/Rock Membership at ASCAP, more than a decade at the helm of Terrorbird Publishing, and as an independent musician himself, Josh has spent his career as a steward of independent music. He believes that doing it yourself doesn’t mean doing it alone, and that inclusiveness, education, and understanding are keys to a thriving musical ecosystem. He’s worked with artists like Le Tigre, Big Freedia, Solange, Jawbreaker, Isaac “Redd” Holt, Lord Huron, Vundabar, and more, and published a Guide to Sync Licensing for The Creative Independent.

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