“Neighboring Rights: The Intricacies of Registration, Legislation, and Monetization”

    • May 25, 2021
    150 150 The California Copyright Conference

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    11:30 am - 12:30 pm



    Do you know about Neighboring Rights? Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or you’re an up and coming artist, few understand how to claim and collect this royalty stream and what needs to be done to maximize these earnings. You may know about SoundExchange but do you understand the whole picture of these rights and royalties, and on a global level?

    This panel will demystify the ins and outs of this income stream including navigating metadata challenges, how to make claims, and understanding the varying rules of proper global collections for recording artists, background/session musicians, record producers and record labels. Get in the know about the tips, tricks, and tools for maximizing neighboring rights royalties. This is one you cannot afford to miss!

    Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

    11:30 AM PST – 12:30 PM PST 



    Reggie Calloway | Director of Music Royalty Funding, Sound Royalties



    Bruce Waynne | Vice President, Transparence Entertainment Group

    Dennis Dreith | Co-founder and Chairman, Transparence Entertainment Group

    Naomi Asher | Vice President of Neighboring Rights, Sony/ATV Music Publishing & President, IAFAR


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    Bruce Waynne | Vice President, Transparence Entertainment Group

    Bruce Waynne is Vice President of Transparence Entertainment Group (TEG), a music rights organization that identifies, recovers and administers royalty and licensing income from various sources for music creators. TEG maximizes payments by administering rights around the world effectively, rapidly and with complete transparency. Bruce is responsible for fulfilling corporate expansion objectives, developing strategic marketing concepts and proposals, overseeing client relationships, and managing the creative process. He is also half of the Grammy Award-Winning Music production duo MIDI Mafia, most notable for 50 Cent’s Number-One single “21 Questions,” with hits including Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good” and “Bad Religion,” Fantasia’s “When I See U,” and for artists Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, and John Legend. MIDI Mafia’s, The MADE Series is the number one urban music production catalog for television and film via their partnership with Extreme Music and Sony ATV. Bruce has participated on numerous panels and workshop topics demonstrating his expertise on such topics as neighboring rights, music production and artist development. Bruce’s passion for representing and educating music creators is germane to this panel.


    Dennis Dreith | Co-founder and Chairman, Transparence Entertainment Group

    Dennis Dreith is the Co-founder and Chairman of Transparence Entertainment Group, which collects and distributes worldwide digital performance, audio-visual, private copy, and exclusive license royalties on behalf of recording artists, master right holders, producers, and DIY music creators. Prioritizing high-touch personal service, TEG provides transparent, accurate and expedited evaluation of earnings, identifies unclaimed royalties, streamlines registration & claiming processes, and eliminate superfluous fees by acquiring royalties directly from the source.

    Prior to forming TEG, Dennis was the Executive Director for the AFM & SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund, overseeing its growth from its inception in 1999 with a mere $187,000 in assets to over $100M today, as well as concurrently serving as the Administrator of the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund. Dennis also served as the International President of the Recording Musicians Association for 15 years and he addressed the House Sub-committee on Intellectual Properties in support of Digital Performers Rights legislation in Washington, D.C. that was signed into law in 1995. Dennis’s early career included touring and recording as a musician and arranger for The Beach Boys, The Osmonds, Leon Russell, Barbra Streisand; producing artists that include the O’Jays and The Tokens; composing music for “Scooby Doo,” “The Punisher,” “Columbo,” “The Flash,” and “The Shadow”; and orchestrating and conducting for award-winning composers Lalo Schifrin, Marc Shaiman, John Williams, and James Horner.


    Naomi Asher | Vice President of Neighboring Rights, Sony/ATV Music Publishing and President, IAFAR

    Naomi Asher is Vice President of Neighboring Rights at Sony Music Publishing. She previously co-founded Wixen Music UK Ltd. with Randall and Sharon Wixen, serving as Director and President from 2010 to January 2020. She co-founded IAFAR (Independent Alliance for Artists Rights) in 2018, after being frustrated by the lack of transparency in the neighboring rights income stream. She is co-author of the UK edition of The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing, released the fiction novel Shakespeare’s Ripper, and self-published her book, By Page.

    Los Angeles-born, Naomi moved to the U.K. in 1999 after completing her BA in Art History and Theatre at Franklin & Marshall College. After receiving an MFA in Staging Shakespeare from Exeter University in 2000, Naomi worked in the West End for several years at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, Shaftesbury Theatre and Victoria Palace Theatre. Naomi has a postgraduate degree from Kings College in EU, U.K. and U.S.copyright law, and continues to dabble in theatre on occasion, with her play Madman William continuing to be produced worldwide.


    Reggie Calloway | Director of Music Royalty Funding, Sound Royalties

    Five-time Grammy-nominated, Reggie Calloway has always displayed a unique ear for music, trends and business. It is no surprise that the music pioneer received a Grammy nomination for R&B Songwriter of the Year for the hit song “Casanova,” in 1987.

    Calloway graduated from Kentucky State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music. In 2011, he began providing financing for artists and publishers who needed a way to monetize their royalty assets. He directed a sales team that was instrumental in bringing to the market thousands of song titles including the music of artists Whitney Houston, 50 Cent, John Legend, Will Smith, 3 Doors Down, J Lo, Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Earth Wind and Fire, Travis Tritt, and more.

    Best known as the founder of the popular techno-funk band, Midnight Star, Calloway led the group to international success writing, producing, and arranging a string of top mega #1 hits including “Operator,” “No Parking on the Dance Floor,” and “Freak-a-zoid.” He has penned songs for LeVert (“Casanova”), Teddy Pendergrass (“Joy”), Gladys Knight (“Love Overboard”) and Natalie Cole (“Jump Start My Heart”). One of Reggie’s original compositions entitled, “I’ll Be Good for You,” was featured on *NSYNC’s 10x’s-platinum CD, No Strings Attached—the best-selling album of the last decade.

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