Copyright 101

    Presented by: Carolyn Soyars | Manager, Copyright Administration, BMG

    Copyright 101 – Class 1

    Focuses on the definition, purpose, and history of copyright, the six exclusive rights, and the difference between song copyrights and master/recorded copyrights. For more information, visit:

    Copyright 101 – Class 2

    This second course will review the different types of agreements such as co-publishing and administration, and licensing such as mechanical, performing rights, sync, interactive and non-interactive streaming, and print; also briefly explains song splits and filing copyright registrations.


    Following are supplemental links to the lecture that you might find helpful:


    Copyright 101 – Class 3

    The third and final course will review U.S. statutory reversions, notices of termination, the four factors of fair use, and will touch upon changes made upon the enactment of the Music Modernization Act.

    Following are additional links you might find helpful/informative:

    1. Lisa Alter provides an overview of U.S. statutory terminations:
    2. An overview of the fair use doctrine:
    3. A summary of the famous 2 Live Crew infringement case regarding fair use:
    4. An overview of the Music Modernization Act (we’ll be focusing on Title 1 re: downloads & streaming):