“As a member for more than twenty years, I have always found the CCC to be a uniquely rewarding organization. It combines expert and entertaining music industry panelists discussing up-to-the-minute topics in a dinner and drinks setting that facilitates old and new relationships.  Whether you are just starting your career or an industry veteran, the CCC is a great way to keep current on the ever-changing music business.”

Dan Butler, Senior VP Business Affairs & Legal – Music, Paramount Pictures

“I have been a member of the CCC for most of my career.   I find that the Board as well as all of their panelists, are extremely dedicated, hardworking and knowledgeable people.   As such the CCC is an extremely valuable resource for anyone in the music publishing community.”

Kathy Spanberger, President, peermusic

“The California Copyright Conference has grown in stature over the years;  highly regarded from inception, well attended and appreciated.  I’m very proud that I was active with the CCC and honored to have served as its President.  Here’s to its continued success and recognition.”

Bruce Ramer, Partner, Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown; and Chairman, USC Institute on Entertainment Law and Business

“I have been honored to speak at the California Copyright Conference where I always meet great and talented people and discuss the latest music industry issues. It’s always fun and educational. I hope to CCC you there next time.”

Gary Calamar, Music Supervisor at GO Music

“The CCC has been very helpful to my career.  I’ve been a member since late 1980’s.  The CCC provided me with an outstanding opportunity to learn about industry issues and to network with industry professionals.  The CCC is great for anyone involved in the music industry!”

Ed Arrow, Senior Vice President, Copyright, Universal Music Publishing Group

“The CCC organizes great events that address topical and relevant industry issues.  Great networking with smart people within a friendly and inviting environment.”

Rob Souriall, VP, Global Partnership Marketing; Disney Music Group/Hollywood Records

“I joined the CCC when I was a young lawyer, and the education and networking were invaluable.  CCC fills a truly important role in the music business.”

Don Passman, music attorney and author of “All You Need to Know About the Music Business.”

“From the very beginning of my career, the California Copyright Conference is a cornerstone for networking and education pertaining to various aspects of the music business, including copyright issues. The information acquired, as well as friends and colleagues made throughout the years are invaluable! The CCC is as important a resource as any industry trade tool and an entertaining and necessary platform for anyone interested in the many facets of copyright.”

James Leach, VP Creative Services/West Coast Operations, SESAC, Inc.; and past California Copyright Conference President (2016-17).

“Since its inception, LA’s worlds of entertainment, music and copyright have converged at the CCC.  And for investing in your professional knowledge, networking, or just spending time with colleagues you would otherwise just phone or e-mail,there’s no better way to spend a Tuesday evening.”

Evan M. Greenspan, President, Evan M. Greenspan, Inc.; and past California Copyright President (1994-95)

“The CCC is invaluable for providing industry professionals a way to come together and discuss how we can better support music creators and advance the music industry as a whole.  Getting the conversation started is half the battle when it comes to making positive changes happen in the music industry and the CCC provides the forum needed to get people talking.”

Dina LaPolt, Owner, LaPolt Law, P.C.

“The first time I was on a panel at CCC was in 1994.  I was then and continue to be impressed by the sophistication of the audience and the enthusiastic embrace of complex and contemporary topics by CCC.  The CCC’s contribution to the professional development of members of our business on all sides of the desk as well as good fellowship is immeasurable.”

Founder, Christian L. Castle, Attorneys, Austin, Texas

“The CCC is the one professional music organization that boasts members from all areas of the industry, including publishers, record companies, attorneys, and songwriters.  In any given night, you never know who you might meet or what valuable information you might learn.”

Miles Feinberg, Executive Vice President, Music Sales Corporation