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THE BRAND PLAYED ON-The Encore Performance
Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Join the CCC on March 24th as we reprise our popular panel on branded entertainment. Learn the latest in tour sponsorships and corporate music collaborations. Artists like Trey Songz and Taylor Swift have brought high earned media value to barnd like Target. Fender Guitars supplies a van to a band. Red Bull Media includes an original artist label, publishing company and  recording studios around the world. This and more will be discussed.

 “The business as we once knew it may be gone, but a bright future is on the horizon thanks to innovation providing new opportunities for artists, publishers and labels to be seen and heard in nontraditional ways. Artists, talent and music itself are now important partners in brand marketing, enhancing the brand message, while affording a platform for greater exposure of creativity. This panel of industry pros will continue our exploration of music and brands, and provide an inspiring evening for artists, publishers, labels, attorneys, advertising pros, and brands.”  ~ Cheryl Hodgson